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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Which Lives Matter?

Amongst all the talk about police "gunning down" people of African-American ancestry, I keep seeing stories like this one.

Then I start wondering if "everyone" has lost focus about which lives matter?
Does anyone protest after a child is killed or after (as in the story I mentioned above) an elderly woman was robbed at gunpoint and then strangled and left for dead? Does this elderly woman not matter and if so why not? Is she the wrong color to matter? I think most of us can agree that all lives matter. However, I would seriously wonder about that person who could steal the money and valuables that an older, weaker person had worked for—and then stand over her and listen to her choke and watch her pain as he strangles the life out of her. Does this person really deserve a protest when the day comes that he is confronted by police? What kind of message are "we" teaching to our young people? Shouldn't we drop the false ideas that are so harmful to all people of all colors? Don't get me wrong, the radical right is as bad as the radical left. Especially when they are angry and armed. Banning all Muslims or pretending that all black people who are shot by police are innocent is wrong. If the man who strangled this woman and left her for dead is shot by police while resisting arrest, will anyone care that he strangled an old lady and left her for dead? Likely not as much as caring about using the story to push a false agenda.




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