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Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Wins Debate

Trump Wins Debate
UnAssociated Press
January 29, 2016

Though Donald Trump was not at the GOP Presidential debate yesterday, he still won! Undeniably, Mr. Trump sounded smarter and more likeable when he wasn't there; than if he had attended. Furthermore, it should be (but isn't) plain to everyone that if Trump is faced with unpleasant people or situations as President, he will likely just skip the debate or conference and have his own by himself. This will be a good strategy for America—and will show the rest of the world how cooperative the USA is. It seems that no matter what Trump does, there are enough angry right-wing conservatives to prove that he is always right! Hopefully, Donald Trump will miss more events—as it can only serve to increase his popularity when he is absent!

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