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Friday, January 29, 2016

St. Paul Public Schools Bans Holidays

St. Paul Public Schools Bans Holidays
UnAssociated Press
January 29, 2016

In order to make children from diverse backgrounds feel more welcome, St. Paul Public Schools plans to ban "dominant" holidays; that are enjoyed by the majority of children throughout the United States. Such horrid traditions as celebrating Valentine's Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, will no longer be tolerated in the spirit of making everyone feel equally left-out. "How can we celebrate the pilgrims feasting and eating turkey with the indigenous Americans, when it might be upsetting to an immigrant from another country?” said one school administrator. “We just can't assume that a holiday like Thanksgiving could have a wide appeal and be a truly secular American celebration!" Already plans are in the works to eliminate Independence Day, Christmas, New Years and any other "dominant" holiday that might not be celebrated by people arriving here from other parts of the world. St. Paul Public Schools is also planning to eliminate the English language, as it could be offensive to people who speak other languages. Already heralded as a positive step in the right direction by a number of "do-gooder" white people who want to prove their political correctness, Valentine's Day will be the first to go—since it occurs already next month. "How can I feel good about a holiday that promotes love, when there is already so much hate in the world?" said one elementary school principal. This certainly does sound like a much more important and worthy goal than teaching children to embrace other cultures (and holidays) and to pursue academic achievement! I say Bravo St. Paul Public Schools! Way to make the children suffer to make your point... ummm whatever it is...

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