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Monday, December 22, 2008

Minnesota Vikings - December 2008

Every year the Minnesota Vikings look good on paper. Every year I wish for the best. Every year they bring me hope and then rollover and die.

After a horrible start this season, Tarvaris Jackson was replaced by Gus Frerotte at Quarterback. Then Gus was injured playing Detroit and Tarvaris came back and looked good!

The (super-annoying) commentators can't seem to talk about much besides how great Adrian Peterson is. Half the time, these know-it-alls are calling Chester Taylor, Peterson. Taylor is an exceptional running back who not only makes Peterson better by taking his turn, but he adds the dimension of being able to catch the ball as well as run with it.

No doubt Adrian Peterson is good and he can break some nice runs, but yesterday against Atlanta he showed his weakness. He can't seem to hang onto the ball and dropped it or fumbled a ridiculous number of times.

In Peterson's defence, others on the team couldn't hold onto the ball either. Hey! Do you guys know where the term, "dropped the ball" came from???

If you don't believe me, just ask coach Brad "um" Childress.
"Um... can't keep um giving up the um ball..."


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