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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Acid Attacks on Women in South Asia

When women are not considered as important as men, only bad can come of it.
It starts with selling daughters as wives, essentially turning them into livestock with a price.
Then, as these insecure men seek to control the women, they may use drastic measures such as acid attacks to terrorize women into behaving the way the screwed-up male population wants them to. This is often done in areas where religion, culture and dress has changed little in 2000 years. Modern women scare these backward thinkers.
We can only hope that this stops soon.

Getting there is often a matter of taking a series of steps. Remove any step along the way, and you may change things. Follow blindly because it is expected, and you perpetuate it. Those of us who live in safe places should lead by example.


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