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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Upside Down

I recently told my wife that I was going to start keeping the unopened boxes of breakfast cereal upside down because they tend to settle so that the heavier things like raisins go to the bottom. My thinking is that when I opened the box, I would turn it right side up and instead of the first pour being just flakes, I would get the mixture I desired.

So yesterday, my wife opened the new box. She opened it from the bottom because it was upside down. She didn't do this as a joke, she did not notice that it was upside down or that it (must have been) was harder to open. She is simply blind to food related dates, positioning, quantity or freshness (or rottenness), or price (vs. value) or variety... which perhaps is why I do nearly all of the cooking and grocery shopping.
But still, I am sometimes simply amazed by things such as the opening of the cereal box from the bottom...

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