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Friday, October 02, 2015

Expiration Date Blindness

Do you or someone you know have Expiration Date Blindness? While rarely fatal, it is marked by an almost complete lack of consideration for expiration dates on products. Often, someone suffering from EDB will reach for the product that has less time according to the expiration date, and take the one that still has plenty of time to wait. It might mean taking the battery with four years left instead of using the one that expires next year. It could mean pushing aside the eggs that expire in two days, and taking several from the carton marked for the week after next. It may also extend to taking the banana purchased today and leaving the one from three days ago to sit and rot.

It may seem harmless to some, but EDB is a huge waste of money and products. Items spoil and are thrown away and end up in landfills and more are needed to replace them.

But now, there is "Wake Up & Look!" One Wake Up & Look can mean the difference between wasting precious resources and using things in the order that they were purchased and/or will expire! This revolutionary method can end Expiration Blindness forever! And seriously... aren't you worth it?



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