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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Driving Primer

It seems like everyone who drives is supposed to already know this; but I see people driving every day who don't care enough to follow some simple rules. So here they are,

1. When it is dark (or raining) TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON.

2. When an ambulance, police car or firetruck comes behind you with lights flashing PULL OVER AND STOP. Then when they pass, go back into traffic NORMALLY. Don't try to beat everyone else.

3. When a vehicle is coming toward you WAIT UNTIL IT PASSES instead of pulling out in front of it.

4. Put your phone down.

5. At a Stop Sign you should actually STOP.

6. When waiting at a traffic signal, WATCH THE LIGHT instead of doing other thingsā€”so you know when to go.

7. Avoid honking and changing lanes every 4 seconds. This increases the likelihood of causing an accident.

8. Try to keep your vehicle within the lane you are driving in.

9. Slow down. Speed limits are not simply suggestions.

10. Control your anger. Driving a car is not combat.

11. Allow cars that are signaling to merge. Driving is not a competition.



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