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Thursday, April 06, 2017

CuTRis Gives a Guy a Pepsi - Everyone is Mad

CuTRis Gives a Guy a Pepsi - Everyone is Mad
UnAssociated Press
April 6, 2017

CuTRis is in the news again; and this time it is for the biggest scandal yet! Video gone viral shows that he has given a guy a Pepsi! Apparently CuTRis for whatever reason, was walking down the street carrying two cans of Pepsi. He saw a guy who looked thirsty and he gave him one. Cell phone video of the horrific incident soon went viral and civil rights groups, politicians, protesters and whiners of all kinds are calling for CuTRis' resignation from humanity. When reporters asked CuTRis about his miserable deed, he allegedly began handing out Pepsi's from a case he bought at a local convenience store! CuTRis then disappeared before police arrived.

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