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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CuTRis May Be Heir to Prince's Estate

CuTRis May Be Heir to Prince's Estate
UnAssociated Press
June 29, 2016

As want-to-be heirs to Prince's $300 Million estate line up, unnamed sources say that CuTRis bears a striking resemblance to the deceased musical legend. Could CuTRis be related to the late Prince? Both live(d) in Minnesota; and both play(ed) guitar—which could be a key to the truth. CuTRis, himself, has issued no statements regarding his possible connection to the former music icon. We will need to wait and see. Still, we could not dismiss the uncanny resemblance between the two musicians as of late.

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Blogger LDM said...

Are you wearing a raspberry beret? More evidence!

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