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Friday, March 04, 2016

This Presidential Election is an Embarrassment

I'm going to just go ahead and say that this presidential election is an embarrassment. There are no really good candidates. Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican Party—and apparently there are a lot of unhappy right-wingers who are supporting him. On the Democratic side, there is an aging socialist who appeals to the young people—who aren't likely to look at all the fallout from his particular brand of politics. It might look good at the surface, but underneath it is likely to cause a whole new set of problems. There is also Hillary Clinton who might have the skills, but is pulling around a lot of baggage from the past that might make trusting her difficult—though trusting any politician may be difficult if you think on it. So, none of these candidates would be my first choice. But when has the public ever gotten to pick the original candidates? Sure, we can vote for the last remaining millionaires but that first group just "pops" up somehow. It would sure be nice to have a candidate (or a party) that was for middle-America just once. But here we are! And it is embarrassing...

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