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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Advice From An Old Lady

While at the grocery store today, I walked past the display of Easter candy. Suddenly an elderly woman said, "Wouldn't it be nice to be a little kid again so someone would give you an Easter basket?" I replied that I have a young son and I get to experience it through him! I told her I bought him a chocolate bunny; but his mom is very anti-sugar and probably won't like it. The woman said, that I should tell her that little kids should have some goodies too! I told her that I can't really tell my wife anything. "Well how did you end up with her?" she asked. I answered, "They're all like that!" Then she said, "No they aren't! You enjoy your son and keep looking and you will find a nice one someday!" I was a little stunned and said, "Well maybe I'll stick it out and hope for the best." Then she looked serious and said, "Just don't lose yourself!" Then I thanked her and said goodbye; because that last part was good advice.



Blogger LDM said...

I wish someone had given me that advice a long time ago...

11:15 AM


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