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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cutris may be a Cliché

United States Central Intelligence Agency
Radio Signal Monitoring Division
November 17, 2008
5:19PM EST

REPORT: RE: Intercepted Cutris Radio Transmission #2

... The inhabitants have tried to make me out to be some sort of deity. I've tried my best to tell them that such an idea is cliché, and I cannot assume such a role. Their response was violent in nature, and I indicated that this too was a cliché, and I asked them where the "restroom" was. I was shown to a small hut, where I relieved myself in the blankets, as these poor people must do. When I left the hut, someone else was entering -probably for the same purpose. I heard angry shouts as I walked away, and I was eventually led to another hut with a radio. It appears that perhaps it was pulled off of an aircraft. I now get the feeling that these people would like me to leave here and find my way home...


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