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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to make a Great Omelet

I like omelets a lot. The key to a good omelet resides in the ingredients, and how well it is cooked. In order to keep your omelet from being runny in the middle, it should be flipped. This is the most crucial step, as doing it improperly can cause the whole thing to crumble –especially if you like to fill the egg batter with lots of vegetables.

First make sure your pan is hot (but not too hot!) and primed with a little canola oil.
I’ve found that my raw vegetables (for example: onion, pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, tomato, cilantro, *garlic, ginger), added to the eggs (in this case three eggs) and some spices and herbs (for example: Lawry’s, *garlic, Italian herbs, salt, pepper, etc.), cook perfectly along with the frying eggs. The difficulty lies in flipping this “loaded” egg batter.
(* Garlic can be added in a dry powder form or fresh, depending on how powerful you want it to be.)

The key is in the first flip, before the top has been cooked. This uncooked side can tear during the flip, so make sure that you have the entire omelet loose from the pan before trying to flip it. I tend to keep a non-stick pan strictly for eggs and pancakes, as other types of frying will cause enough wear to make your eggs stick. Use a good spatula, and once you are beneath the omlelet, flip it fast! Doing it slowly will almost surely cause it to break. The speed of a good flip will hold the mixture together; though practice is usually needed. Don’t expect the first one to be perfect. Another hint is to hold the pan over the sink in case some of the mixture drops out. A drop of egg in the sink is better than getting it on a hot burner!

Finally, you will need to flip it back over after the “top” has cooked. Then add your meat and cheese and fold it over. The omelet pictured feeds both myself and my wife –with a few accompaniments.


"Loaded" Egg Batter

Meat - in this case it was Shrimp

Side One

First Flip

Second Flip

Inside toppings/fillings

Finished Omelet

Omelet Breakfast


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