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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Minnesota Weather

People who weren't born in Minnesota, or who despise cold weather, like to bash the state for being so cold. Truthfully, it does get cold, but there can be a significant difference between northern and southern Minnesota on any given day. We do have cold and snow, but we are really good at dealing with it. We get up and go to work in weather that would paralyze many other states.

Personally, I don't like really hot, sticky weather. We do have some of that in Minnesota, but not a lot of it. We have no hurricanes, though we do have a few tornadoes. Thinking about Minnesota weather, I couldn't help but notice that while hurricanes and floods are devastating parts of the U.S., Minnesota is enjoying near perfect conditions with cool nights and 70's and low 80's Fahrenheit daytime temperatures.


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