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Friday, November 11, 2016

Hey Protesters

Okay, I understand that some people can't accept that "their" candidate was not elected. But while you have the right to protest, you do not have the right to put lives in danger by protesting on the freeway! Did all of these protesters vote? I know an idiot with a lot of opinions who posted a photo of his election ballot that he had written in a fictional character from a movie on! Nice move idiot! You might as well have stayed home because your "protest vote" did no good except to (presumably) "impress" your Facebook friends. And to the people who now have a "black void" where their photo was (again on Facebook), your candidate lost. I understand. Mine lost too. But we live in a country where we vote instead of having a bloody coup d’état to choose our leaders. It might not be perfect and it maybe didn't go the way you wanted it to go—but grow up. You won't always get your way and you still "don't get to" endanger lives by stopping freeway traffic because you didn't get your way. You don't have the right to defy police or authority either. You certainly can protest and act like a spoiled child and do and say ridiculous things and spout out nasties on Facebook if you wish. But it doesn't change a thing. It only shows that you have a lack of maturity and self-control. And maybe it's people like that who ruined the election for you. Maybe the nasty names you called your friend because he disagreed with your whining makes you sound just like that guy you didn't want to win. So if you think it is fine to act just like him, why are you so upset that he won?

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