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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Riceland Brown Rice has Weevils

So I realize that weevils can and do occur in rice. It only happened to me once before and the manufacturer happily replaced it. But recently, in a package of Riceland Brown Rice, I noticed weevils floating in it as I washed it. I notified Cub Foods (online) where I bought it, but they told me to contact Riceland directly. I also emailed Riceland (customer service) multiple times and received no response. So I just wanted to put a little warning out that if you buy a Riceland product from Cub Foods and it is bad, you probably will just be out the money you spent—unless you wash the bugs out and keep eating it—which is a viable option.

Update - Just 3½ hours after sending the link to this review to the same Riceland customer service email address I got a response! I will update if anything comes of it.

Update 5/16/2016 - I received coupons in the mail for free rice from Riceland.

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