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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Multiple Versions of "Truth" May Explain Racial Tensions

When the woman at the center of the Jamar Clark case finally made a statement after the officers involved in the shooting were cleared, her story has changed from the original story that she told to police. We know that there are multiple versions because the news stations have now put the recordings side-by-side. When you do not know what the truth is and you change it depending on to whom and when you are recounting it, how can any of it be believed? Isn't this what the racial tension is based in? There are multiple versions of the "truth;" and too many people who have never learned that telling the truth is important. If you have learned that lying is a means to get your own desired outcome, you are (falsely) causing the mistrust that is harming the society that our children will inherit from us. That puts those who are unable to tell the factual truth at the source of the problem.

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