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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Reality of Raising Minimum Wage

I understand that people always want to make more money. So many will want the Minimum wage to go up. But there are some serious repercussions to doing this. So if you want it and you will make more money if it passes, just remember that everything that you buy will be more expensive as a result of it. That is called inflation. Along with this will be layoffs. If there were two of you making those hamburgers, now there will be only one of you and you will need to work harder and faster. Of course, since the hamburger has gone from $5 to $7.75 to help pay the new wages, maybe there will be fewer people buying hamburgers—so you won't be too busy after all. If the business can't sell enough hamburgers, maybe it will have to close. Then you will have to look for a new job. So pickup that sign and go protest for that $15 per hour minimum wage! Enjoy your higher income!

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