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Monday, June 08, 2020

Life in the Middle

It was a difficult decision. The liberal people knew they were smarter than everyone else. I mean they were right... right? So of course they were... ahhh...  right!

But the conservatives were better armed! And they had God backing them. Right? They might even shoot him...

But both sides played perfectly into the plans of the anarchists. Those who wanted to bait everyone into a race war.

Well, he wasn't as righteous as the right, and he wasn't as smart as the left, but at least in the middle he knew what was right and he wasn't stupid! Sooner or later, others would find the middle too.

But no one would ever believe him that everyone needed to behave responsibly. Both thought only one side needed to change! How could he be so stubborn to think that this was deeper than that?

But he knew it was...

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