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Friday, February 17, 2017

uncle lazy

That morning as the father was talking to his young son about rest, drinking lots of liquids and eating good food (so he could get over his cold), the young boy mentioned that his uncle eats hot dogs and candy almost everyday.

So the father took that opportunity to tell his son that lots of things that his uncle does are not good for you. Eating hot dogs and candy, sleeping half the day and playing on the computer instead of working are not how you should try to live your life if you want to be successful and happy. The father let him know that this is why his uncle doesn't have his own house and lives with grandpa and grandma.

Then when they went into grandpa and grandma's house, the young son quickly noticed his uncle's "stuff" was still out in the living room. He was apparently making "flowers" from colored paper last night before retiring to his room—because he is an "artist."

That was when the father realized that maybe he was being too judgmental. A 40-something year old man should be able to fart around, not work and live off of his aging parents if he wants to.


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