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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is the Confederate Flag Racist?

Yes it is. So, arguably, is the Nazi Swastika—though that sign has kinder origins that date back over 5000 years before Hitler polluted it. The Confederate flags have no such history. They were created to protect a way of life that would perpetuate the idea that some people were the property of other people. While all colors of people have throughout history, been both slaves and slave owners, the stain on the history of the United States that is represented by the Confederate flag—is undoubtedly a racist one.

I've heard supporters on television say that the flag is a way to honor those who died. I, personally, do not see it that way. A lot of people died on both sides of the American Civil War; and the side in favor of slavery ultimately lost. Their flag has no business flying anywhere. The only place for this flag is in the museum as a memorial to an unfortunate part of our history.


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