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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Craig's List Scrap Metal Guy

I have a large used appliance that I replaced. It still works; but it is old and for some reason in this state, in this country, we have to pay money to do the right thing and recycle. Just for the heck-of-it, I put it on Craig's list and sure enough in about two minutes some guy wanted it for scrap metal!

Unfortunately, the guy wanted it immediately, so I had to drop what I was doing and drive home to move it out in the driveway so he could get it. Fine, I lost half an hour and a gallon of gas to save $30 and a trip to the dump. Unfortunately (again), the thing was still in the driveway when I got home!

I'll call the guy "Norby," because I think there might be some special circumstances. Norby doesn't drive in traffic, so he won't go out during rush hour. His previous 'project' took extra time so he wasn't going to be able to come until later. Then Norby called back and said his mom was mad at him and wouldn't let him use the van!" Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he told me he picks up scrap metal with his mom. This dude must be a 'chick magnet!'

I hope Norby picks it up today, but since it is snowing, he probably can't use the van...

Update: Three days later, "Norby's" mom must have finally let him use the van. I was resigned that I was going to move the old appliance back into my garage (for disposal later) and when I looked for it, it was gone!



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